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Larimer County is located along Colorado’s northern border with Wyoming and includes cities like Fort Collins, Loveland, and Estes Park. Larimer County is probably best known as the home of the famous Rocky Mountain National Park, but it is also home to industry, employing numerous immigrant workers in sectors like agriculture, construction, tourism, and manufacturing.

About Us

Family Tree Immigration is your source for professional, immigration-related legal services in Larimer County. Our staff is trained to assist you in whatever way we can on your immigration path, so make sure to call us first at (970) 797-4757 if you need an attorney.

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Family Tree Immigration is dedicated to providing you with the best, most current information on the somewhat “fluid” field of immigration law. To that end, we have built our website to showcase all the information you need to get started no matter where you’re at in the immigration process. Once you’ve had an opportunity to look through the general information that is available there, reach out and call us to discuss the specifics of your particular case.

In addition to all of the information on our website, we have created accounts on both Twitter and Facebook to keep you up-to-date with more videos, articles, and other resources about how the intricacies of immigration law pertain to you. By keeping yourself informed about all of the rules and regulations surrounding your situation, you will be better protected against pitfalls that may lead to delays or even deportation.

We work hard to stay ahead of the curve so that you can stay ahead of the curve concerning all of the immigration laws that might affect you.

How We Can Help

No matter what your immigration status is, Family Tree Immigration is the best-positioned firm to help you process your immigration application or answer questions about permanent U.S. residency, U.S. Citizenship, U-Visa, DACA, or I-601/hardship waivers.

Beyond that, we are a trusted provider of the following services:

  • Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) Renewal – Family Tree Immigration wants to help with your green card status, regardless of its expiration status. If your renewal was declined, let us know and we can show you the avenues open to continued residency.
  • Asylum Application – If you are seeking asylum or refugee status, please come talk to us. Asylum can be granted on the basis of various factors, including race, religion, nationality, social membership, or political opinion.
  • Naturalization – Long-time residents may qualify for naturalization, which is an incredible opportunity. But the paperwork and the process can be daunting; let us help cut out some of the intimidation as we guide you through everything from filling out Form N-400 to taking the Citizenship test.
  • Legal Assistance – If your immigration status has put you on the wrong side of the law, you should contact us immediately. We are willing to stand in your corner to prevent a bad situation from turning to worse.
  • Child Protection – Reuniting with your family by bringing them to the United States is a difficult and delicate process. Protecting your children in that process should be done with great care, and we can guide you through it to make sure your little ones stay safe.
  • Permanent Residency – We can determine if you qualify for a permanent resident card. If you have a sponsor who is considered an “immediate relative”, come to our office to get the process started. There are several people that qualify as an immediate relative, and we can find out how to expedite your application.


Family Tree Immigration is waiting to listen to your story about how you came to Larimer County and what your goals are for staying. More than any other attorney, we are the best positioned to advise you about how to stay safe in the U.S., regardless of how long you’ve been here or where you find yourself in the immigration process. We want nothing more than to equip you with all the information you need to make important decisions about the laws of this country and how they can work to protect you as you seek to create a better life for you and your loved ones. Call us today so that we can join you on your journey.

Michelle Lee Hornsby is a licensed Family Immigration Attorney at Law in Larimer County. Call her today to schedule an appointment. She is willing to talk on the phone or in-person at your convenience to discuss all of your options.