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Supporting Families is Our Mission

At Family Tree Immigration, our mission is to help families determine their eligibility and to process their applications for a legal pathway to Residency, Citizenship, or a Temporary Protected Legal Status in the United States. Our Immigration firm supports clients in navigating the complex U.S. Immigration system, providing end to end service from consultation to application submission.

Security and Efficiency

Family Tree Immigration delivers our legal services through an online virtual platform, streamlining the application process, ensuring the protection of your communications and documentation through our secure online portal, and offering efficient delivery of legal services for your Immigration needs.

Safety and Peace of Mind

Primary among the benefits of using an online platform to deliver our Immigration services is the Safety and Security of our client families. The legal landscape of U.S. Immigration is currently in a state of profound change. We want the Immigration process to be a source of hope for families, not a cause for fear and concern. Our virtual law firm provides an Internet based medium for clients to advance their applications through an online platform and directly through a secure portal, rather than meeting in person. This platform offers clients peace of mind and security not available through in person meetings with an office based Immigration Law firm.

Virtual Law Office – Convenience in the Delivery of Legal Services

Because our legal services are provided through our online office, usually at a distance and through technological means of communicating such as video conferencing, online chat, internet client portal, regardless of the time of day or where clients are located, our virtual immigration firm allows clients the ability to advance their immigration process through the comfort and security of their own homes. They can submit documents, review their completed applications, obtain feedback through live chat, and receive case status updates without ever leaving their homes or visiting a local office. At Family Tree Immigration, your case process is only a few clicks away.

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  • Step One: Fill out a short Eligibility Questionnaire
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  • Step Three: If you are eligible, we will outline your next steps and how we can help.
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To determine whether you are eligible to apply for any Immigration programs available through USCIS (hyperlink) and to chat with one of our staff members, click on the link.
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